Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

70 years ago today, my Grandparents Gertie and Robert Fuhrmeister Sr. got married in Iowa.
grandma and grandpa during WWII
They have been with each other, through it all, including WWII. (Which by the way to all of my military friends, they didn't speak to each other for 2 years, only communicated by letters, which were censored at that!)
From Our life as an Air Force Family

They had five children, twelve grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren over those years.

And you know what? At my Grandpa's 90th birthday last August, they were still dancing the night away! 

I can only hope and pray that Jerry and I have as many years of marriage as they have had. 
Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! We love you! 

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