Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Farm~It Feels Like Home To Me

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While my grandparents no longer live on the farm, they still own it and my Uncle Jerry still farms it. Kelsey asked Uncle Jerry if he and Aunt Cindy would take us out there so they could look around. While things have changed, it still feels like home to me.

The kids playing with the new kittens.
Looking down toward the pasture. 

Looking out to the road and the house on the hill.
Playing with the kittens

The house from the driveway, looking at the main door.

The front door side of the house. The house looks so much smaller now, not sure if it is because we are grown up, or if it's because Grandma and Grandpa don't live there any more. 

Looking up the hill from the front yard. 

The renter has chickens and a chicken coop. Uncle Jerry collects the eggs, so he let the kids help him. They gathered over 30. 

 Not sure why DJ was making this face!
Monkey looking for the chicken with feathers on it's feet. 

Kelsey over looking the fields

Just a few of the chickens

Soon to be corn or soy bean field.

Looking out at the cows.

One of the old tractors in the barn

Climbing on the combine

Playing farmer

.There is a picture of Matt and I standing in front of this tree 30 years ago, June/July the day we moved to Arizona. We had to recreate the moment. 

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