Sunday, May 05, 2013

Starbase Swamp Fox #STEM

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This past week the fifth graders were doing the Starbase program. Monday I said I was jealous because I wanted to go, and was told "Great! We need chaperons!" So Tuesday and Thursday I got to go out to McEntire ANG base with them. :-) (Wednesday DJ was sick, so I was home with him)

We learned about maps and navigating.

We learned about the states of matter, using marbles. 

We learned about molecules and compounds.

Each group had a group name, I loved this group's name tag. 

We learned about the atmosphere. 

We learned about pressure, and space.

Getting a hard boiled egg into a jar without breaking it. 

Marshmellow in a bell jar.

We learned about the metric system and how to measure  in it.

The kids made parts for the International Space Station  

And Friday, we flew rockets!

Can you see the one that didn't make it back safely? 

I think the kids had a good time, I know I did! :-) 
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