Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sparkleberry Country Fair

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Saturday was the Sparkleberry Country Fair here in NE Columbia. Since we just moved here, we weren't sure what to expect. We had a great time!

The kids got to experience plowing a field with a pair of draft horses, and got t-shirts to prove that they did!

Then we were able to watch one of the tractor competitions. I believe they had to drive the tractor over some boards without dropping the egg that they had on a spoon. The one with the fastest time, won. 

The pink one was Natalie's favorite. 

Eudora Farms had all sorts of animals for everyone to see, pet, and feed. I think the giraffe was DJ's favorite. 
But it maybe it could have been the baby donkey.

This guy was HUGE, especially compared to his neighbors.

I think Kyile would have never left this little guy.

In the barns they had other animals, like rabbits. 

And a baby pig, who had to be bribed with animal crackers to come out of her kennel. 

The Palametto Woodturners had an exhibit too. This guy made a pen, just for me! Of course DJ has claimed it. They were making everything from bowls, to pens, to kids toys. 

Clemson University had an educational tent where DJ learned about the water shed and what pollution does. 

Then we went to the Challenger Center's tent, where we met Dr. Carolyn, who knows my friend Libby. But was we discussed on Twitter, everyone knows Libby. :-) This is Dr. Carolyn showing DJ how to run the airplane simulator on the computer. (sorry Dr. Carolyn, I didn't catch your last name!)

Ridge View's band was performing, in the rain! :-) 

Last but not least we let DJ play games. 

We won two fish, they both have gone to the great fish bowl in the sky already though. Now of course DJ wants me to go and buy him some more. I told him we will discuss it when we return from Iowa. :-) 
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