Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prayer is powerful

Yesterday I was out blog hopping and in my journeys I came across Confessions of a CF Husband. The blog is the story of a young couple and the journey that they are going through right now.
Trisha has Cystic Fibrosis, and has fought this battle most of her life (her entire memory, as all sufferers of the disease do). She tells her story n her words at 65Roses4Patttysue.
The very short and condensed in my words version is:
A few months ago Trisha was put on the double lung transplant list, and shortly after they found out that they were expecting. Trisha and Nathan were advised by doctors to give the baby up (terminate), but could in their belief system not do so.
Fast forward to this week, the struggles of being pregnant were too much on Trisha's body and the doctors at Duke University decided it was time to take baby Gwyneth at 25 weeks.
Here is where prayer is powerful, Gwyneth is a micro preemie, at just over 1 pound, but is doing well. Trisha with all of her health concerns is still in a medically induced coma (my words), but reading Nathan's blog is doing well. I think the reason for this is all of the people that they have praying for them.
I want to ask everyone that reads this, to take a minute and pray for them. I will continue to follow their incredible journey, and will probably take the time to update on here as everything progresses, but I invite you to go to Nathan's site and say a prayer for them. A prayer for baby Gwyneth that she continues to improve and do well, a prayer for Trisha that the continues to improve, continues to get stronger, and can receive her lung transplant so that she may live a long and happy life with their miracle baby.
If you believe in prayer circles and the such please add this family to yours. If you don't believe in prayer necessarily please think a few positive thoughts for them. Their story has touched my heart, and reminded me once again how blessed I am to have a healthy family.
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