Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama, and the rest of the higher ups who think this is a good idea!

I understand the need for longer days, or longer school years, so that our students can recieve better educations, but if you want to do this you had better figure out where you plan to come up with the money to pay us to do it!

You are taking away our pay, Georgia has already cut 3 days out of our school year that by the way I will be working on lessons and grading papers, and now you want to take away our summers? What are we supposed to work for free? I know that in order to do this job, we do it because we have a passion for it, but give me a break, we already tend to put in 50-60 hour weeks for 36 weeks for garbage pay compared to what peers that have the same amount of education in other fields make!

I am so tired of all of the cuts to education! NO WHERE in this article does it say where the President and the Education Secretary think they are going to find the money to pay us to do this. It quotes a cost of at least $1,300 per student to run a pilot program up north. Trust me, the Govenor down here would just expect us to do it for free! Or at least thats the way it seems. People need to wake up and smell the coffee, or the absolute failure of the government to do right by our children.
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