Saturday, September 26, 2009

Help Kelsey get on the homecoming court buy an ad for the homecoming program

Kelsey was nomintated for homecoming court by her friends. She met the requirements as far as her grades and behavior goes, so now she has to sell ads to go in the homecoming program.

So if you would like to purchase an ad let me know!

Full page is $100
1/2 page is $25
1/4 page is $15

If you purchase an ad I will also give you a sticky ad on my blog for a while. :) Length will depend on the size of your ad. It will be great exposure to our small community. Even online businesses will benefit from the ads, by reaching a community that you would not reach otherwise.

Please contact me at scienceesl @ if you would like to purchase an ad by September 27th.

After she sells the ads the kids will still have to vote, but I think just being nominated will go a long way towards her self esteem.
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