Thursday, September 03, 2009

Slacking this week

I have been slacking in the posting department this week. Even with inspirational quotes, which I have been having preplanned for up to a week at a time.

But I was sick, sick, sick. Saturday, sick enough that I stayed in bed all day. Sunday I was feeling better, but still not 100%. Monday and Tuesday I went to work, but I probably should have stayed home. By the time I got home both days, I was done in and just wanted to go to sleep!

It turns out it was a good thing I went to work, since yesterday DJ woke up with a horrible cough, and a slight fever. Of course waking him up right before we walk out the door has its disadvantages, because that meant it was almost time to be at the school. So we drove up to school and asked Dr. S to get me a sub, made sure everything was ready, and came home.

We both took a short nap, then I took him to the urgent care in town that opened at 12, we were the first ones in line so the first ones seen. He doesn't have the flu, but definately a virus, so Dr. J wanted him to stay home today as well, so here we are.

DJ still feels puny, as he is laying on the couch not moving, and watching Curious George. So its a good thing Dr. J wrote the excuse for two days. Plus I think staying home will help me finally totally kick what I have. I am missing a couple of meetings, which is no fun, but I sent my notes on the one to Mrs. R to give for me.

I have to feel better by tomorrow, tomorrow night is the Jimmie Jam in Atlanta with the concert by Edwin McCain. ;)
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