Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nascar weekend....Birthday Weekend

Friday night I was blessed enough to have tickets to Jimmie Jam, the first pictures of which I shared already.

Yesterday I was able to get tickets to the Nationwide Race at Atlanta Motorspeedway for the girls and I to go watch Dale Jr on the pole. Jerry told me to get them and go as my birthday present.

We had so much fun! I tried convincing Jerry that I needed to go today. ;) It didn't work, but I tried. :)

So my entire birthday (almost) weekend has been Nascar, Nascar, Nascar. :) I still think that prices for Sprint Cup tickets are outrageous, and it was a bit disappointing last night when there was only 4 cars on the lead lap. But watching Jr on the pole and then lead about 10 laps toward the end was great. Plus it was a great night with the girls. :)
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