Monday, August 11, 2008

Boycott Tropic Thunder

For Kennedy and all of the other precious babies out there.

Show Hollywood that making fun of special needs kids is wrong!

Here is what happens:
“Tropic Thunder” is a comedy produced by DreamWorks/Paramount, and directed and written by Ben Stiller, who also stars in the movie.

The plot includes a group of pampered actors, lost in the jungle while making a war movie. Tugg Speedman, Ben Stiller’s character, is a fading action hero who missed his Oscar opportunity with his portrayal of Simple, a character with an intellectual disability. Speedman’s portrayal of Simple is a movie within the movie, “Simple Jack.”

Already “Tropic Thunder” has presented audiences with a new go to phrase, “Never Go Full Retard.”

And for much less than the cost of a session with one of my son’s therapists, you can purchase a t-shirt declaring to the world that you are a Full Retard.

I have to tell you this, I am disappointed that Stiller, Black, and several others of the actors in this movie allowed this hate crime to go forward. I am appalled at their lack of concern for the feelings of the people that they are hurting. And I know that they would get in big trouble had they came up with a similar slang phrase with the N word, or defaming homosexuals!

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