Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Model Math Drawing sucess!

All this last week or so, when ever we have done a word problem as part of our morning work, I have modeled to the students how to use Model Math Drawing to find their answers, as well as having them answer in complete sentences.

Today I got to see that it is working!

I was trying to get one of the students on track for the day, and yet keep the rest of the class going, so I asked for a volunteer to do the word problem up on the board.

Y volunteered, and then proceeded to complete the problem completely using model math drawing!

She made a mistake skip counting, but since she had the drawing we were able to see exactly where the mistake was. I was very happy with this!

Now if I could just figure out the secret to getting my one little girl to stay attending to the task at hand, and the secret to keeping the one little boy from loosing it, all would be wonderful!
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