Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go for the gold!

Is it scary that DJ knows who Michael Phelps is, and what he does?

The other night, when the guys swam for the 4x100 relay gold, he was screaming just as loud as Jerry and I.

The lunch room cashier asked him about watching Michael Phelps the night before, and he told her all about the races on Tuesday night.

Then he also told her that he fell asleep before his second race, so he missed the second one (the 4x200 relay that they walked away with the gold). "Mommy was mean, and let me sleep, so I MISSED the race!"

He cracks me up.

Of course last night was the first night all week I went to sleep before midnight. I hope I didn't miss any big happenings. LOL

Jerry, the man who does not root for sports, gets very involved in rooting for the Olympics. We have woken the girls up more than once this week, cheering for one of the Americans. Ooops!!!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the games!
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