Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Natalie has had her schedule changed at school. The school is small enough that all of the kids go to all of their classes together, except when she goes to band.

Overall she likes it, but the class she was in, the others were not always shall we say on the top of their game?

Or else the teachers weren't always the ones in control of the situation. (I've been there, so no complaints from me, she's had that situation before and will again, so we were dealing with it.)

One of her teachers on the other hand decided that it wasn't fair to her.

So they emailed the counselor and asked that they make a change to move Natalie to a better group of kids.

"Natalie is a bright young lady who is very quiet, it would be wonderful if she was in a class of like minded students."


Now she just has to get to know the new group...
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