Monday, August 04, 2008

First Day of School

Whew its over.....

Lets just say last night I was not a shining example of motherhood and leave it at that. Blame it on stress, from working all weekend (by the way I gave my notice at Lowes!! Anyone else want to celebrate on the 16th with me? Seeing how thats the first Saturday I don't have to work?), and feeling like I was 100% not ready for today. My own children took the brunt of it, I felt like crap after it was said and done, but it doesnt change it.

Today went as smoothly as could be expected.

Jerry rode out with us to school, so that he could see where the schools were. He drove the girls over to their school and walked them in to make sure they were ok. Then came back over and had breakfast with DJ and took him to his class.

By the way did I mention that breakfasts and lunch are free for all students in the county I am teaching in?

I had students arriving in my room within minutes of my arrival at 705, that part was a bit rough, because I could not get copies made, and I had them straight through until 3:15 when we put them on the bus.

We played the name game with a beach ball, which went well.

We did some basic math practice problems, which didn't go as well for some of the students, we are going back to the basics with some of them!

I read part of Ramona the Pest to them.

We played outside for about 10 minutes, then it was too hot. Plus the only equipment we had were my clever catch ball, and a beach ball. Not so good. I need to find our soccer balls and take them out to play with.

We came up with our class rules, I had them be a part of the process, so they could own the rules. I think it went well. They really struggle with being quiet in the halls, and we had some bathroom issues with them wanting to go all the time, so we have to work on that routine.

Tomorrow we will start in the reading book and math book because we need to get into that part of the routine.

I did start them on their home journals today. Just a brief note home today saying that they needed to read tonight, and how their day went. Hopefully they will all remember to show their parents. Stickers will be out in force tomorrow for the ones that come back signed. I want the journals to work, and I want the parents to know to look for them. Since I didn't get copies made its all on the kids tonight. EEEKKKK

As for my own kids, they all had very good days! Thank goodness!

Both of the girls like most of their classes, but especially science.

Kelsey has two science classes this semester because they are on a block schedule, so she only has 4 classes total. She will change next semester. She also has already talked to the coaches about video taping for the teams.

Natalie really likes her band class, and says everyone is nice.

When I ran downt to check on DJ at lunch (when the Media Specialist watched my class) the parapro said he was having a good day, just a bit talkative. Thats my kid all right.

Outside my door

DJ the other day

This was 615 this morning, and he was already being silly

Who told her she could grow up?

Awww theres my little girl

I tell you he would not stop with the silly faces

So we stopped taking his
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