Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is anyone else ready for it

to just be November 5th already?

After almost 2 years of "The Election" broohaha, I am over it!

I am tired of hearing what each candidate thinks.

I am tired of all of the "polls" over who is going to win, and what we the American people supposedly think and want.

I am tired of the news, all the news being on the election, and what is going to happen based on the outcome of the election.

I think 99% of the people who are going to vote, already know who they are going to vote for.

So I am just ready for it to be November 5th already!

Even though I know, that there is going to be a group of people really upset that day, and not willing to accept the vote that goes against their candidate. No matter who wins, someone is going to be upset.
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