Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long day! again

We left the house at 6:25 AM.

We got to school at 7:08 AM.

I had students in my room starting at 7:25 AM, until 3:10 PM.

Then I had a reading training/meeting until 5:15 PM. Where we were basically made to feel like we are not trying hard enough to help the kids learn to read. I really wish that someone would clue the parents into the fact that they have to read with their children too.

Next I got to go back to my room that my children let DJ treat like his own personal playground, and attempted to do lesson plans. I have planned until Wednesday, but I need to revise Wednesday's plans as I will be in Macon at a math training all day, and then Friday's need to be written for a sub, since thats when Jerry is supposed to have his surgery. (Yeah, no going to South Carolina for me that night for the game!)

Then, we had the PTO meeting at 7 pm. Where I must admit that I have one of the best parents in the school as a parent as one of my students. As Mrs. P stood up at the meeting and encouraged her fellow parents to teach their children to follow the directions of their teachers without a question, and to READ, READ, READ! Mrs. P you rock!

Finally we had READO for books in the school library. That we could not skip, because DJ has heard about BINGO all week, and we had to go play BINGO.

I signed out from school exactally 13 hours after I signed in this morning.

I am very tired, and grumpy.

Tomorrow will not be much better, as its homecoming at Kelsey's school. Sooooooo we will be staying at school, while I finish lesson plans, then getting something to eat, then going to the game. The dance is after the game, which of course Kelsey wants to attend, and I have agreed to letting her have her friend Bubbles come home with us for the night. I have no idea what time the dance is over, but I will be up late.
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