Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pre-K does the fair

DJ's pre-k class went to the fair today, and Jerry got to go along. They had a great time enjoying the free activities that the fair had to offer, even if they did have to play in the rain! It sounds like the fair/field trip was not as organized as what the teachers were led to believe it would be, they pretty much were all turned loose on their own to explore with their parents. But like I said they all seemed to have a good time, and DJ fell asleep talking about it. The part that I don't quite understand is that from what I saw and read, since the parents were going as chaperones, they should have gotten into the fair at the group rate. The people at the gates charged all of the parents the full admission price, which was $2 more than what they had been quoted. Thank goodness Jerry had taken more money than what I told him it would cost him to get it (based on both what the school told us, and what I read on the fair's website), or else I guess he and DJ would have spent the time on the bus.

I wanted to go, but would have had to take a personal day. It actually turned out to be a really good thing, as I was sick as a dog all day long! I have averaged 5 students out sick each day this week, and last night when I went to bed I felt it coming on. By noon I was pure miserable, and none of the medicine I took was helping. I came home and went straight to sleep (which is why its midnight and I am awake!) Its a good thing that we have the next two days off for fall break, because I need it!
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