Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jerry update October 9th

Jerry had an appointment this morning with the endo guy that did his colonoscopy and endoscope the other week.

They gave him copies of the pictures that they took.

The restriction in his esphogus is a lot more than what I thought. Dr. O had said that he had to push a pill through with the scope that Jerry had taken because it had not gone down. Well it was one of his blood pressure meds, which is small and the pill almost covered the hole that he swallows through in the picture.

Dr. O said that he is afraid if they used a balloon to expand the hole it would probably rupture, so he is referring him to a Dr. in Macon, who will probably put in a sint/shunt? not sure which he said. Jerry left here to meet with his case manager on base to get the appointment on Monday covered by Tricare. Good thing I am off on Monday so I can go with him to see what is what.
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