Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Craft Ideas for third graders?

I have discovered over the last couple of days that cheap, easy Christmas Artsy projects for my third graders to do, are hard to find.

I found some cute ideas, don't get me wrong, but...

More money than what I was willing to spend.

I think I still spent more money than I wanted to, but I think I have a good balance of things to do.

So here is what we are going to attempt to do:

Reindeer ornaments: We are going to use brownish ornament balls, brown pipe cleaners, either jingle bells or pompoms, and googly eyes. :)

Plastic "stained glass" ornaments. I got these cute sheets at Hobby Lobby for cheap that the kids can color with markers, and use glitter glue on.

Handprint Wreaths, simple green, red, brown paints that they can use to make wreaths.

Foam Board picture frame ornaments (these we will do for their parents). I got a kit of 30 at Michaels for 1/2 off.

We might try to do the popcicle stick reindeer too, if I can get the sticks cheap enough. I should have enough pompoms and pipecleaners to do both.

The joys of not having an art teacher to do these things with the kids.
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