Saturday, November 01, 2008

Short weekend, long drive, lots of fun!

I think this is going to be the shortest weekend in history for me.

We left school last night at 3:30, got up to South Carolina for the football game about 7. Sat in the FREEZING cold weather with about 100 of the die hard fans (most of who had a charter bus take them), and watched our boys stomp the other team (the other team had 14 players, two of which were girls). The entire second half we had our JV team in. The people from the school up there were very sweet, and genuinely happy to have us there it seemed!

DJ didn't even realize that he was missing trick or treating until we got to the football game, and he saw some of the kids from the town out. But he got over it as soon as he saw his Z.

After the game we drove from there back into Georgia to the Granite Capitol of the world" (seriously thats what the sign said) and stayed the night. Lots of memorial slabs throughout the town, which is kinda spooky especially on Halloween night! All of the leaves are turning colors a lot more up there though so it was beautiful this morning! I told Jerry that I want to go exploring and take pictures as soon as we can afford it.

Then this morning we got up and drove into Athens and met up with Kelly, Brandon and the kids (we had a great time!) DJ keeps asking if we can go back again to the castle park.
On the way home we stopped at a roadside stand and got some apples, sweet potatos and tangerines.

Then came home to Jerry and a broken car (the "new" to us car, not the blazer). Something to do with the timing belt and the pulley system, I don't understand it all. So I didn't even get a chance to relax yet, because we had to go get the parts to fix the car. Hopefully the parts we bought will get it fixed though.

DJ is still wearing his new pjs that I bought him last night. They look like a Batman outfit, and thats what he wanted to be for Halloween, but our Walmart didn't have any costumes or PJ's, but the one in Elberton did, go figure.

As soon as I can find my usb cable I will download the pictures from today.

Thanks again Kelly! We had a great time. :)
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