Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twiggs County Middle/High School Veterans Day Performance

Yesterday was Natalie's school band's first performance ever! They did a great job. It was a part of the bigger Veteran's Day program put on by the JROTC, who also did a great job. I had to sneak out and back to work about 1/2 way through the program, because I wasn't expecting it to be all that it was. Oops! But Kelsey kept the camera and did a great job taking pictures.

The Band after performing:

The Band performing
If you look closely you can see M, N (Z's brother), and Natalie all playing. LOL Not sure what Kelsey was going for here. Plus just off to the left on the bottom of the picture you can see our Superintendent who was a big advocate for the school getting a band. He joined them on his clarinet for the performance. :)

Kelsey's friends M and Z presenting the colors

Natalie warming up

Z and M drill team
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