Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keeping up with the Henderson Family Tradion

Or at least DJ is trying to keep up with his Uncle Matt's tradions....

Of black eyes, fat lips, and/or goose eggs on major holidays.

When we were growing up, and Matt was this age, I seem to remember him always having a goose egg, or something for every major holiday.

Tuesday afternoon, as Jerry and the girls were getting packed to go to Mississippi for the weekend, DJ was playing with his huge dump truck in the hallway of the house.

From what we gather the dump truck got away as DJ was running down the hall, and he face planted. Putting his teeth through his lip, giving himself a loose tooth, and a bloody nose.

I called the dentist about his tooth and he said just to keep an eye on it, as it wasn't super duper wobbly (Wednesday morning it was just fine). The dentist also said since his lip had stopped bleeding by the time he called back that his lip would heal too.

But I sent him off to his grandma's in style, fat lip and all. ;)
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