Friday, November 21, 2008

A sad thing

Last week one day I was summonsed to appear in court on behalf of the state for one of my former students.

I have been summonsed before, and even gone to the court before, but only once.

While this was similar in the length of time it took, and had the same outcome (meaning I didn't have to say a word, not the general outcome of the case), it was a different ball of wax all together.

Last time I went to court for a similar matter, we waited in a waiting room. Did not hear any of the other cases, or really even have the opportunity to talk to anyone that was not involved in the case we were involved in. After 6 hours we were told that everything had been handled through an agreement and we could go home.

Last week, we were in the courtroom through all of the cases on the judges case load before ours. Both DJJ cases and DFACS cases, clearing the court when it was a sensative case.

Let me just say...


And I pray that I never have to do that again. Either as a witness, or heaven forbid as a parent.

There were several times that I was reduced to tears, over people I have never met, and more than likely will never meet again.

The things that people do to each other, that children can do to other children, or to themselves, sickened me. Some of the parents sickened me, even more than what their child had done.

Maybe thats whats wrong with the world today.

Parents who refuse to admit that their child could do something wrong.

I see it all the time in the classroom. Where you call a parent to ask for their assistance in a discipline matter, and they tell you that their child DID NOT do that. Even when you explain that you saw the entire matter not 2 feet away from you.

Or they make excuses for their child. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

The case I was there for had a good ending, at least in my opinion. I was able to let my student know that they were missed, and that we all still care for them. We were not called to say anything, which was a happy thing for me, because it meant that the child didn't have to hear bad things about their parent.

But I really pray that I never have to do that again.
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