Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's no wonder kids these days have no sense of accountability!

The kids and I went to Bass Pro Shops in Macon today and let me just say, what I saw from one family while there explained a WHOLE lot to me about the reasons why Macon/Bibb/Middle Georgia is going to pot!

While DJ and I waited in the craft area of Bass, I witness a family of what appeared to be middle to upper class people be very disrespectful, rude, and arrogant.

The first time I noticed them, I was sitting with DJ while he made a log cabin from one of the log cabin kits that the store had out, open on tables for the kids to play with while they waited on their turn with Santa. The mom and three boys were at the model train station, and while the mom watched on the boys started playing very roughly with the controller to the model train set. The middle boy started shoving the speed controller up and down, rapidly, and from forward to reverse over and over again. All of the sudden the train just stopped working. The lights still came on for a few seconds, but after the three little heathen children kept trying to force it to work the lights on the train went out.

Instead of getting the attention of one of  "Santa's Helpers" to help fix the train, the mom said Oh well boys you broke it, lets go see what other cheap crap they have.  Really she did. I sat there in shock. One of the other parents saw this and got the attention of one of the helpers, who reset the power on the train table and got it working, but still!

Once it was working again, DJ and I walked over so he could have a turn. Suddenly the woman and her heathens were back. I was on the far side of the table while DJ was waiting his turn, rather politely even, so I could take pictures (coming soon), and this heathen child shoves DJ, and the little boy that was at the controller out of the way so he could get another turn. I started to go over and say something to the kid and his mom came up and started snapping away on her Iphone, luckily for her as soon as she gets her picture taken she takes the boy off somewhere. The other little boy's dad told DJ to go ahead and play since they had had a turn. DJ played for a few minutes and then we wandered to the next thing to look at.

But we were not done having to deal with this family, oh no we couldn't be that lucky! They were at the slot cars, hogging both remotes, for ten minutes. Then they were at the shooting gallery, and the remote control mud trucks. Well you get the point. Each time we came across them they were hogging the game, and it would take some other parent or one of  "Santa's helpers" to tell them, "hey you have been at this too long, give someone else a chance." With the Mom standing there getting mad at whoever had the nerve to ask her child to give someone else a chance!

When we got in line to see Santa at our assigned time, there were about 4 families in front of us. Wouldn't you know it?!? The grandma was the second person in line. Which is no big deal, I was in line holding DJ's spot, and he and the girls were watching the slot cars. However when the family came to join grandma, they pushed the other older woman that was in line between us out of their way, almost knocking her to the ground. Luckily the woman right in front of me caught her arm and helped keep her upright. BUT NONE OF THE FAMILY apologized! And there was no way that the mom of the heathens didn't see it happen, or that she couldn't hear the two women talking about it! 

Oh and what made me really laugh is you could tell they were going to use the "free" Santa picture as a Christmas card picture. There was the grandma, grandpa, mom and dad (who amazingly was absent from the fun festivities until right before picture time), Aunt and Uncle, with baby in arms, and 5 boys from about DJ's age to about Natalie's age, and one little girl, who all crowded around Santa for a family picture. I know Bass Pro Shop sells picture packages of the visit with Santa, but the group took their free picture and took off to go shove more kids off of the games and toys.

I just can't get over how rude these kids were, and you would think that since I am a teacher, and I have seen pretty much it all in behavior as far as parents and kids go in the last 15 years nothing would surprise me anymore, but this did. Probably because they were all very nicely dressed, mom and grandma both looked like they had spent several times under the knife of a plastics guy, but still. If the families that by all appearances "have it all" act like that, its no surprise that families that are struggling think that they are entitled to do this garbage.

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