Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Let's make cake

A diaper cake that is!

DJ's teacher Mrs. Owens is expecting a little girl soon, and the staff is throwing her a baby shower this afternoon.  Since she is DJ's teacher, I decided to go a bit further than I normally would for a work shower and attempt my first diaper cake.

For the sake of prosperity I took pictures of each step. :-)

First I took a bottle of sparkling red grape juice and hot glued it to a cake base.
Next I wrapped two diapers around the bottle, and held them there with rubberbands.
PhotobucketThen I started wrapping and rubber banding size two diapers, and made rounds around the bottom of the bottle.  With a wee bit of help from DJ.
PhotobucketPhotobucketAfter we had enough to make a decent sized base DJ helped me hold the diapers in place while we used another rubber band to hold the layer together.
Next I took four sheets of tissue paper and made a "frosting layer" over the diapers (I ended up taking this off, because I didn't like the look once I got it "frosted", I couldn't seem to get it "smooth enough")
PhotobucketSecond layer, same as the first just a bit smaller around.
And again with the third layer, this is about the time I decided I really didn't like the tissue paper frosting, and took it all off.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketNext up was to use wide white ribbon around all of the layers, if I had left the tissue paper in place I would not have done this step. I am glad that I bought the ribbon when I was planning the cake. ;) Then I took orange and yellow gingham ribbon and put two pieces on each layer.
PhotobucketThen I made a small bow, and then using the bow wire, I went down behind the white ribbon and up through the middle of the top layer. Using the bow wire, I secured the cake topper to the layer. I wrapped the bow wire around both of the duck's legs and then back down through the top layer and out to the bow.
PhotobucketI then took some of the bow wire and wired the book to the cake in much the same manner as the topper, however instead of through the middle of the entire bottom layer, just through the ribbon. I also added ribbon and a button to hide the bow wire.
I added a box of wipes and Desitin using ribbon and hot glue.
I also made baby sock roses, by taking baby socks, rolling them individually into roses. And a baby washcloth lollypop (with a pencil for the stick).
PhotobucketPhotobucketLast but not least, because I felt I needed a bit more color on the cake to tie in with the colors on the ribbons I took buttons and hot glued them onto the white ribbon to make "frosting dots".
Photobucket Its not perfect by any means, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first attempt.
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