Sunday, March 01, 2015

Exercise, clean eating, accountability group

The month of traveling and then being sick this last week have done my miles in. frown emoticon I have 83 miles for the month, instead of the 125 I planned. I haven't hit my Fitbit goal since last Saturday. And I am starting over on my Insanity Max: 30 on Monday morning with week 1 because by then it will have been 15 days since I last did a Shaun T work out. I'm still on target for my weight loss goals probably because I haven't really eaten since we left Florida. wink emoticon
If anyone is interested I'll create an accountability/cheerleading group here on Facebook where we can all share our step goals, workouts, eating habits, meal ideas, frustrations etc without any pressure. Just let me know if you would like to join and I'll create it as a secret group so that the only people who can see what we post are the people in the group.
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