Thursday, March 05, 2015

Well fiddlesticks

So I know I said progress pictures today....

Well I fibbed! :( I didn't know I was fibbing at the time I did it though. It's just that I overslept today. Only by about 5 minutes but that was enough to make me stressed out, which in turn made me forget that I was supposed to weigh in and do my measurements and pictures to send to my coach. I literally remembered when I was on Post going to work. Not a good time to remember, let me tell you!

So I will do them tomorrow and they will just be day 61 results rather than day 60. Life happens....

Today was Tabata Strength, which is month one of Max 30, day 4. Honestly this is one of my favorite workouts during month one. I am not sure why, it just is. Normally I would have pushed further than minute 9 (because let's face it 8:59 is 9) but with the half marathon on Saturday I figured it was better to stop and not be sore going into that.

Then the exciting news for the day was my email with this pretty picture in it! #runCMM is coming and I can't wait to earn this bad boy! Isn't it pretty?

I promise I will share my progress pictures tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!
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