Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just emailed our hardship package off

Well, I just emailed our hardship package off to the mortgage company.

I had looked for help on their website for over a year for this type of program and couldn't ever find it. Then once I found it I couldn't ever get the form to send. I ended up sending them a long convoluted email about the link to send not working from any computer, and got a response back with a different way to do it.

A different way that took me about a week to get all of the information gathered. Almost makes you wonder if making it that hard to do, makes more people not fill out the package. Maybe thats the point.

It will be interesting to see if they accept or reject it.

The way our luck is running they will reject it.

I am not even sure what we want or expect them to do, other than tell us that if we short sale the house we have to come up with the difference (which is what we were told about 6 months ago when we asked about it based on the advise of an agent). The difference that right now would probably run to about $70,000, based on what houses around ours have sold for recently. We definately don't have that!

It would be nice if the mortgage company had a program in place where they matched people in the same situations up to see if they could trade homes. I am sure that our mortgage company has people here in middle Georgia in the same boat as we are. But I know thats a pipe dream.

I really wish the military/government would get with the program and come up with help for military members that are in our situation. I know that there are lots of others out there, just based on the google searches that hit on my blog. What I don't get is why nothing is being done to help all of us. Its not like we volunteered to move away from our home. Its not like we made the market crash. And its not like we want to sell our home, its that we have to sell our home, or else live in a cardboard box.
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