Friday, June 10, 2011

Beyond Excited! STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis FINAL Launch

I got in!!! If you remember this post, I applied to be one of the 150 selected Twitter users that will be allowed to go and visit Kennedy Space Center during the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 7th and 8th. 

Today I found out that I GOT IN!!! I screamed when I got the email that said: Congratulations, you have been selected to attend the NASA Tweetup on July 7-8 for space shuttle Atlantis' targeted launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida! The event will provide you the opportunity to speak with shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, and managers, and to experience the launch of space shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited and happy I am to make this dream come true! I already talked to a friend that lives down that direction and am planning on staying with her. 

If you don't already follow me on twitter do it! 

I also promise to update my blog as much as I can between now and then, including while I am there! 

One of the suggestions that former attendees had was to reach out to local media about the fact that I am getting to go to the launch as a guest of NASA, so I have already started that process.

 I am  looking for sponsors to help defray some of the costs of going, like help pay for gas, lodging and food, (maybe a new cell phone that takes better pictures, :wink:) in return for guest blog posts, pictures, interviews etc, so if you are interested in helping me out in this way let me know! 

I can not wait for this opportunity, and am so excited to share with everyone, on here, on Facebook and of course on Twitter!!!! 

Wish me luck!!! 
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