Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cross your fingers, say a prayer

Ok, This is going to seem like a silly request for positive thoughts and prayers, but I really really really want to have this opportunity.

You see I am on twitter!/scienceesl and so is Nasa!/NASA. Well as we all know the shuttle program is coming to an end this summer.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go view a shuttle launch, for like as long as I can remember. The timing has never worked. I mean in 1991 when I was in Orlando for Casey's boot camp graduation, we got to see one of the shuttles land (well come in out of orbit, not the actual landing). And in 1996, I got to see one as it was piggybacked from California to Orlando when they landed at Eglin to refuel. But I have never had the chance to go to a launch or to Kennedy Space Center. Natalie  went to Kennedy in 5th grade (she actually left for her trip 2 hours after we got home from Matt and Angela's wedding).

Now I might, just might get the chance! Which is why I am praying and crossing my fingers!

NASA has initiated a program called NasaTweetups. Essentially they allow 150 followers from Twitter to tour the space center, ask questions, and view the launch from a special place on Kennedy. NASA has had several of these over the last 18 months or so, but they have always seemed to have fallen when I had to work (darn that whole teaching job thing anyway! :-) ) This time, July 7th and 8th, and I am off!

From the website: The Tweetup will provide @NASA followers with the opportunity to tour the center, view the shuttle launch and speak with NASA managers, astronauts, shuttle technicians and engineers. The event also will provide participants the opportunity to meet fellow tweeps and NASA's social media team. 

I mean can you imagine? HOW COOL IS THAT?

As a former science teacher, and a current 4th grade I always thought that it would be the coolest thing to get to watch and take pictures of a launch that I could share with my students. Add in the opportunity to talk with some of the people that MAKE IT HAPPEN?!?  I have students that will be all over the pictures and the stories that I can get out of this experience! Plus the Museum of Aviation always does an astronauts day in May that our students have the opportunity to attend, I guarantee you that if I get to go to this launch and come home with the pictures and stories to back it up, my classes will all want to attend the astronauts day! 

Oh plus you my lucky blog readers, and my twitter followers would be among the first to hear all about it! 

You have to apply and you only have a 24 hour window to apply in, then NASA chooses the Tweeters randomly. I sat around this morning refreshing the webpage multiple times waiting for the window to open to apply, even knowing it was a random draw, and that I had 24 hours to apply. That is how bad I want this opportunity. I kid you not it wasn't even 12:04 and I had my application submitted.

So I am being totally selfish, and I am asking that you all be saying prayers and thinking positive thoughts for me that I get this opportunity. I promise to share amazing pictures and amazing stories if I get the chance to do this!
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