Thursday, June 02, 2011

Reading Kingdom Review End of week one

All this summer we are using the program to help keep DJ's reading skills up, and hopefully improve them while we are at it.

Today marks one week of DJ using the program.

The sessions are very short in length, between 5 and 10 minutes, which is nice because it keeps DJ's attention for the most part.

We have been doing between 2 and 4 sessions day, usually two in the morning, and two in the afternoons. Yesterday because DJ had a guest over we took the day off.

DJ is working in the Letter Land section of the program, where the program is working to familiarize him with the keyboard. Until today DJ has had no problems with the program going through and working with it steadily.

Today was a struggle for him though. Today's program was working with using capital letters, using the shift button. Since the program says for parents to limit their help I wasn't paying as much attention as I probably should have been when the program first started telling him to try that again. After about the third or fourth time DJ started getting really upset. I thought maybe he was just hitting the key too many times, or accidentally    hitting the wrong key (maybe two at the same time). Then I made him turn the computer around so I could see what it was asking him to do.

The program wanted him to do capital letters, and DJ wasn't pushing and holding down the shift key while he hit the letter button.

He was pushing the shift key, then letting up on it and pushing the letter key. The program shows him what to do, but as it lights up, it doesn't show that you have to hold the shift key at the same time, or at least not enough to where my 6 year old "got it".

Needless to say, today for the first time all week DJ frustrated out, and we only did one session. We will be back at it tomorrow!

Here is his progress so far!

Letter LandDate 1st SessionProgressPerformance
Level 105.26.2011
Level 205.27.2011
Level 305.30.2011
Level 405.30.2011

I think he is doing pretty well, and am happy with the program so far. I will be paying closer attention to him while he is doing the program again for a few days.

Keep you eyes on this spot for more reviews coming soon!
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