Monday, April 29, 2013

A Mixed Review Kind of a Day

Have you ever had one of those days, where you feel like giving it mixed reviews?

Yep, me too!

Today was one of those days, that is for sure! Asked to attend a field trip, police car ride, and stress...

It started off just fine. I woke up on time, got out the door on time, heck even made it to work on time. (I like Mondays, because that is the one day of the week that I don't have to fight graduation or family day traffic to get to work!)

Then it got better. Our fifth graders are participating in Starbase Swamp Fox  this week. I told the one teacher that I was jealous and wanted to go, and she said to go see Dr. J, who I was going to go see any way (I have 10, 5th graders, that receive my services in some way or fashion, so I am in one room or another at least once a day.)
I went into Dr. J's room, and the guest speaker is talking to the kids about force and motion, drag, friction, all sorts of cool rocket stuff. I listen for a few minutes, Dr. J says hi, and then I teasingly tell him that I am jealous about their trip.
 Dr. J looked at me and said "Really?" (Now mind you I am at a totally new school, in a totally new :"district" so they don't know about my NASATweetup STS-135 adventure.)
Then he tells me that he is an adult short for his class, and that it would be great if I could be that adult, and proceeds to send me to talk to Mrs. C (the principal), and tells me exactly what to tell her. Mrs. C agrees that it is a good idea for me to go, so I am getting to go on a field trip!

Then this afternoon, the primary school had walking field trips to the big community center on post. We have a big concert on Thursday night, and the kids needed to see what it looked like and the teachers needed to see the layout with the kids there. It was an all hands on deck experience, thats for sure! We took the kids in shifts, kinder went first, then first grade headed up as kinder was headed back. Kinder has aides so they didn't need the extra bodies, as the aides went with them.

Here comes the bad....
With the first graders I took up the tail end of the group, and had one of our challenges walking with me. Let's just leave it at that, student A was a challenge the entire walk. Enough of a challenge to where Mr. P, our principal told him and another student that they were no longer welcome to perform on Thursday, and he was sending them back to school.
Since we had to cross the road to get to the community center we had a police escort stopping traffic. The police officer offered to drive the two boys back to the school. Ms. L and I rode along with them, hence the first police car ride. (Bet you thought I was in trouble, didn't you? You can be honest!)
Then I turned around and walked the second graders up to the community center, and turned around from there and brought the first graders back to school! (My +Fitbit step count rocked today!) Once we got the first graders back to school, Mr. P and I hopped back in the police car for a ride back to the community center in order to walk the second graders back to school for dismissal.
So nothing super bad, just could have been better.

Now the Ugly...
Just STRESS! Nothing that I can't handle, but things that people seem to think I am a stay at home mom, with nothing better to do than do what they think they need NOW done. Not to mention being a "for now" single mom with Jerry gone. I wish that I would have known more about our housing association before deciding to rent here, because some of it deals with them. Again nothing that I can't handle, just that I have to handle it after work, and they don't get it. Right now I'm not thinking its enough of a pia to try and move when our lease is up, but I may change my attitude about that come the fall.

Oh well, tomorrow is going to be a better day, I know it will.
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