Monday, April 15, 2013


What causes someone to hate others so much that they set out to destroy the other person's life?

What causes a person, or a group of people to go out and plant bombs in an effort to kill people that they do not even know?

What makes these people feel that they are so much better than everyone else that they can play God, Judge, Jury on hundreds of other people?

I just do not understand how a person can hate humanity so much that they purposefully plot to murder as many people as they can at one time!

The events in Boston today have left me an emotional wreck. My cousin Glen has run the marathon several times, and my first thought upon hearing about the explosions was thank goodness he didn't run this year! However I do know at least 1 first responder in the area, at least 10 other people who are in Boston for the Marathon, and several others that live in the Boston area. I know several of them are safe, others have not posted yet. So now all I can do is pray.

What gets me is the Boston Marathon is an international event. There are runners from all 50 states, and 90 other countries. When these terrorists committed this act they not only attacked America but people from all over the globe!

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