Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Are Unstoppable~ Columbia SC Boston Marathon Memorial 5k presented by Fleet Feet

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Over the weekend, the leader of the Columbia Christian Runners Group on Facebook shared a flier about a 5K that Fleet Feet was sponsoring on Monday.
I sent the flier to a couple of my friends, and my friend Aime said she would go with me to run. So after work we drove to her place and changed and then headed over to the Harbison area of Columbia.

The run started at The British Bulldog Pub, which is where Fleet Feet's one running group always starts. I told Natalie that is what I want this weekend for dinner one night. It has all of the traditional British pub food, that smell like "home", after living in the UK for 8 years. If they can make proper fish and chips, I will be a fan for life.

As you can see they had a really good turn out. We were at the British Bulldog Pub, as the starting place, and ran over behind Columbiana Mall, and around a lake.

Aime runs, Patty joggs/walks. So she left me in her dust, but it was fun!

I got turned around on my way back, and ended up in the mall parking lot, so I added about .3 miles to my run, but I still had a decent time.
It was a beautiful evening for a run, and it was a great way to show the Marathoners that we are standing behind them, and running with them.
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