Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Staycation Part Two Things to do in and around Columbia on the cheap!

As I promised here is part two of our staycation from Spring Break! We really did manage to have a good spring break on the cheap, while getting to know our new area a little bit better!

Wednesday back to Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, since K was visiting, she wanted to go to the zoo again (she went with us twice back in December when she helped us move.) Since we have our membership there was no cost to us, except once again the $4 to feed the giraffes. :-) 

 I think the giraffes might get to know my kids before the summer is over!

 I was so happy on Easter when we saw Mike and Chuka for the first time. In all of our previous vists to the zoo the gorillas were always in hiding. :-) On our visit on Wednesday we made sure to be in the exhibit for the feeding time. This cute guy is the dominant male Chuka. 
 To help keep the cost of our day at zero the kids and I packed a picnic lunch and went to the picnic grounds just outside the entrance to the zoo to eat. 
 After lunch we went up into the gardens. The kids took the tram, while I walked up past the old Saluda Mill. 

Thursday: The only day of rain... 
Cost $0

 Due to the rain on Thursday we had to find things to do inside. So we took off and went on Fort Jackson to look at the museums. The first museum we went to was the AG museum. I didn't take any pictures there, not sure how that happened! LOL The AG museum is just inside the main gate on Fort Jackson and has a very interesting historical telling of the AG Corps. I'll admit it, before going to the museum, I didn't really know what they do! 
Next up was the Basic Combat Training Museum, which was very interesting, as it took you through what a soldier goes through as they attend BCMT. 

 The Museum is open to the general public, however, visitors must show I.D, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. 

Cost $12 ($2 per adult in the vehicle, and $8 for the paddle boat for an hour)
Sesquicentennial State Park is about 8 miles from our house, but this was only our second visit. 

There are several nice trails throughout the park, that are good for walking, or a longer one for mountain biking. 

 Of course once DJ saw that the paddle boats were in the water, it was over, he wanted to go. We didn't last the entire hour out on the water before our legs were ready to fall off though!

Saturday was another travel day. We took K back to Georgia. But before we left Columbia, DJ saw these guys out flying. 

$11 (one gallon of PYO strawberries)
After church on Sunday, DJ and I headed out to Congaree National Park, which is about 30 miles from the house.  

We like going to Congaree for the walking trails and the different things that you can do there. 

This trip we did the Bluff trail, which is about 1.9 miles long, and goes through two of the campgrounds.

 DJ also became a Jr. ranger on this visit.

On our way home we stopped at Cottle Strawberry Farms on Trotters Road, which is off of Garners Ferry.
This is our second trip out to visit them. I like that we are supporting local farmers, and that I know the strawberries are fresh, since we picked them! 

Well that's it, our spring staycation on the cheap. I know we spent more in gas than anything else, but it was worth it! 

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