Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ridge View High School Walk for the Invisible Children

Two nights ago, Natalie asked if she could walk with her friend T from Ridge View High School, here in Columbia, to The Villages At Sand Hills. Which is about a 4 mile walk. After looking at her like "Say What?" She explained that there was a group at her school sponsoring the walk and that the money raised was going to support efforts to fight childhood slavery in Africa. (Kony anyone?)

Yesterday I met them at the mall to drop off Natalie's car, and then took them to the high school, and they walked with a large group of kids. I would estimate probably 100 or more students did the walk.

I am proud of all of the students, they are standing up for what is right in the world and working in their own way to put a stop to something that is wrong with this world.

I only got one picture as I didn't have my camera with me, and my phone decided to die after I took the first picture. But you can see Natalie, on her phone and T carrying their sign.

Great job to Ridge View High School for bringing awareness of this problem to the people of North East Columbia!
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