Sunday, April 28, 2013

What a crazy busy weekend!

I just looked at the clock and realized that it is after six on Sunday! Where did the weekend go?

We were busy from the moment I got off on Friday and I feel like I am sitting down for the first time right now. I know that's not quite the truth, but that's about how it feels. Today is my lowest step count day, and I need to go remedy that before it gets too dark!

According to my FitBit, Friday I was over 15,000 steps and that was without walking between schools like I normally do. (By the way I am getting one of the kindergarten aides to start walking with me in the afternoons!) Saturday was over 17,000 steps without even trying.  Not too many flights of stairs either day, but I am not complaining about that, I am sure I will make up for it some time this week. Heck for the week I am over 46 miles. :-) Best step count in a long time.

Let me tell you though, this was my weekend for crappy customer service!

Friday night we went to dinner at The Villages at Sandhill and then hung around for the Music at Sandhill night. We had dinner at Wild Wing Cafe, and were basically ignored by the waitress. I had to physically get up and ask for silverware after our food came, and as far a refills went, that didn't happen! I could have understood it if they were busy, but it was still early and there were as many empty seats as full in there.
The music during Music at Sandhills was good, and DJ really enjoyed the free kids activities. I hope to make it out there again this coming Friday for that. Probably wont go for dinner though!

Saturday we got up early and went to Belk's Charity sale, got DJ some summer clothes, Natalie a dress and a shirt.

After getting some breakfast, we went to Lowes and Petsmart to get an invisible fence for the dogs... they keep escaping. They got spoiled in Georgia being able to have the run of our 10 acres. Then we came home and installed it (for the most part, there were parts we had to fix today, because our guide at Petsmart, was a little off on how to do it, thank goodness for Google!)

When we were ready for a break, we went to the Sparkleberry Country Fair. We walked around looking at all of the animals, booths, tractors, and people, before letting DJ play a couple of the rigged games. I'm a mean mom and only let him play the ones that say win a prize every time. I know they cost a little more that way, but at least he gets to do something.

About 4:30 it was time to head to Sandhills Community Church for the Home Run Campaign family night. The church is wanting to refinance the mortgage on the church building and Saturday hosted a big family night, with food, games, bouncy things, a dunk tank (to dunk the pastors), and then a time of worship. For us it was a chance to meet more of the people that go to our new church, and enjoy being together. T (Natalie's boyfriend) and his brother have been going to church with us, and joined us last night for that, and B won one of the door prizes.

Natalie and I then went to Petsmart to see about getting more wire for the fence. Once again horrible customer service. I asked a girl if she would send someone to help me at the invisible fences, and she said sure, and walked off. Ten minutes later, still no help. So Natalie went and asked, and the girl told her, well I told them to come. Really snooty like. Needless to say we ended up going to Home Depot to get the extra wire we needed. (Trust me though Petsmart made a killing off of the Cleveland family this weekend!)

Sunday dawned way to early for me this morning, let me tell you! We got up and went to the early service, we like that one because it isn't quite as busy, and when we get done we have all afternoon to do what we need to do. In case I haven't shared, we really like our church! DJ loves Sandkids (children's services) and I do too, because it means he is in there learning about God in his way, and we are in the main service learning about God in our way. Pastor Jeff makes the Bible so easy to understand, and he doesn't sugar coat what things mean either, unlike some pastors out there.

After church I wanted to go to The British Bulldog Pub for lunch. I have wanted to go, since last Sunday when I learned about it. Really I wanted to go Friday, but then was too tired to drive over there. T's family joined us both for church and lunch, and we all were really excited about it. Then we got there......

OMG.... SLOW service! Maranda, WK, B, and DJ got there probably 10 minutes before Natalie, T and I did, because I took I77 all the way to I20 instead of cutting across on HWY277. But then it was another 10 minutes before the waitress came and got our drink order. And it was all down hill from there! The food was good, the atmosphere was good (Man U. was playing Arsenal on all of the TV's in the place), but the service was lacking, and the manager was just as bad as the waitress. I am so disappointed! :( It's rare that I chalk up a place after only one visit, but I am not sure that we will go back. I felt bad for T and his family, because T and B had a bowling tournament this afternoon, and I am sure they were running late by the time they got back over this direction for it.

After lunch the kids and I went to Fleet Feet Sports, so Natalie and I could get new running shoes. We got there shortly after they opened, which I hear is the key, because once they are busy, you wait a while. Trust me though, the customer service we got was worth it! They measured our feet, watched us walk, chose what support we needed, and then tried several brands of shoes on us to see which ones gave us the support we need, as well as fit the best. If you need good running shoes in South Carolina, I recommend going to them!

We made two quick stops, one at Petsmart over there, as we needed one more collar and the one here was out, and then at Sam's Club for a few things.  Came home, finished working on the invisible fence, (I am pretty proud at how self sufficient Natalie and I were with this project, with Jerry not here! T helped a little bit last night, but not a lot as it was getting dark fast!)

Last project of the weekend, we wrangled all three dogs into the kennel and took them to the Care-A-Van mobile shot clinic for their shots. Poor Ash was over stimulated  by all of the dogs there, he cried and cried. We ended up putting him back into the kennel while we waited in line and I filled out the paperwork. The bigger two just wanted to sniff everyone. Rebel didn't want to get his shots, or maybe just didn't want to with the vet tech. We put a soft muzzle on him to do his shots, because he was pulling so hard away from her and started growling when she tried pulling him closer. He's never bit anyone, but I would have hated for today to be the day. Harley, was pretty well behaved compared to the other two. Right now all three of them are pouting in the back yard, between the fence collars (which I think they are figuring out pretty quick where they can and can't go in the yard with them on) and the trauma of getting shots.

So that was our crazy busy weekend! I hope everyone else had a good weekend too! I have pictures of course and will share them in separate posts later on this week.
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