Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1/25/17 The Three F's

A friend of mine shared this after learning of Mary Tyler Moore's passing today. I thought it was pretty darn spot on, so I am sharing it here. 

Faith~ I spent part of the evening listening to Pastor Steven and Elevation Worship at Liberty University. 

One thing that jumped out at me, and I may have already shared it, but I think Pastor said it differently tonight is this: 

"Most of us are not living at the level of our potential. We are living at the level of our preparation." 

Just think about that for a minute. 

We need to better prepare ourselves for things to come. 

Finances~ February budget is set. I need to do a grocery store list, and stick to it. I think one of the things that kills us there is not being prepared for what we are going to have for dinner, so I just stop on the way home and buy whatever sounds good. So one of my goals for this weekend is to plan out our meals for the month. I've done it before and it has worked well. The actual day that we have the meal doesn't matter, just as long as we know we are having x, y, and z during that week.

My Uber goal for this week is on weekdays 2-3 rides, and then Friday night, Saturday and Sunday going out for 4-6 hours and getting what I can get in that time frame. 

I was approved to start Lyft today, it hasn't opened here yet, but I will be interested to see the differences between the two companies once it does.

If anyone has any hangers, clothing racks, etc that they would like to donate to my Lula room let me know! ;-) I think that is going to be the second biggest expense, is getting those types of things. I'm just over a week into the waiting game, so I probably have a good month left to go before I get the call. 

Fitness~ Short walk today. I was fighting a sinus headache so I didn't go far, but at least I got one in. 

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