Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Make a masterpiece of a life so full of hope and love and joy that it lights up the whole world!"

Today, was the Kid President video "I think we all need a pep talk" four year anniversary. 
On Brad's (Robby's brother-in-law and creator of Kid President) post about the anniversary, he shared another video that he had recently made. 

This line jumped out at me, and I had to play it again so I could write it down in my journal....

It fits in so well with the rest of my devotional study that I am doing. So I am counting that as my Faith for today. ;-)

Finances- With the month of February I will have completely paid off two of our lines of credit (one credit card that we will keep open for emergencies, and one furniture store card), and make a significant payment on a third. I figured out what the minimum payment was for every bill for the month and then moved the extra that we have been paying towards paying off the smaller bills, just as Dave Ramsey says to do when snowballing your debt payments.

I've started to use this plan before, but have always been too scared to follow through and completely cut everything down to minimum payments and throw all the extra at one bill. However, this year, I am going at it full force! 

This month two bills paid off, next month another one, then by May we should have at least one more gone, and another on it's way to being gone. Once those five are paid we start hitting bigger amounts of money that will take a little longer to see results (car and student loans). 

With the Federal hiring freeze (Thanks, Mr. President), the threat of freezing our raises and pensions, and the possibility (probability because a Republican Senate is not realistically going to vote against the President's nominee) of a woman who has her hands in the education loan business (collections) as our Secretary of Education, we need to get everything paid off as soon as possible! I have complete faith that we can do it as long as we stick to our budget. 

However, it makes my driving for Uber, and starting LulaRoe even more important, so I can add more income to what we already have coming in to help pay off these bills even faster. I have faith that we can do it, especially now that I've taken the last month and documented where our money goes each month (eye opening, try it if you haven't lately!) So I know where I personally (along with the kids) need to work harder at not spending as much money (supplies for school, eating out, entertainment). 

Fitness- Today was a flop. No excuses, it just didn't happen. I can't wait for my gym to open! You have to sign up for the classes, and if you no-show they charge you, so no excuses!

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