Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finding my focus...

3.3 miles done tonight, making for 18 in the last week.

I didn't come home and go straight out like I should have, which translated to not having the motivation to go. It hasn't been a good week mentally, and I was just tired.

Then I realized that I hadn't hit my step count goal for the day, and I have a decent little streak going. So I set out specifically with that goal in mind, knowing I needed at least a mile to hit it. Once I hit my step goal, I was at 1.30 miles, and decided I was almost 1/2 way to my daily marathon training goal, so I just needed to finish.

While I was out walking, I was having a talk with the Almighty, asking for guidance, asking for strength, and thanking him for what I already have. Suddenly, I remembered the sermon Steven Furtick preached on Sunday. Aim you Arrow, Find your Focus, and use the Power of Precision. That we have to view the victory as already being won, to stop looking at the limitations and start looking and grabbing the possibilities, everything we need is already within our reach.

I have three arrows for this year and I have to keep them shooting at the prize. Fitness (Marine Corps Marathon), Finances (reduce our debts to as low as possible, and being out of debt besides my student loans by December), and Faith (returning to the word).

My walking/running every day is that arrow aiming for and declaring victory over running, and finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I'm joining a new workout group in late February/early March to build up my endurance and strength, it's an expense that I know could go to paying bills, but I need accountability, and I need assitance from a real live coach.

The arrow aiming at our finances is paying off one bill a month, and snowballing that money into the next bill. I've already seen the power of doing this, by paying off one bill with my last paycheck (except a little bit because we owed a little more than I was completely spending out of my check, I was worried if I did it, I would use the card to buy groceries or gas because we didn't have it in the checking account), and moving the rest of the usual payment amount to another bill. Doing this will put the second bill within a month of being paid off. It has been pretty eye-opening to actually sit down and look at.

The arrow aiming at my faith, includes attending small group weekly, reading my Bible, and listening/watching devotionals daily.

I know that I can't give up, and I can't quit when I am tired. I must keep fighting the battles that have already been won. I have to just keep my eyes on that victory.

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