Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Three F's 1/22/17

What an interesting day today ended up being.

I'm going, to be honest right up front, and say I didn't work on one of my Fs... I didn't work on Fitness today, it was raining, and we went through a series of watches and warnings throughout the day. I could have snuck something in there, I am sure, but until my gym opens in March, I don't have an indoor space. I've learned that I need that human element if I am going to do anything other than walking/running.

Finances.... I worked on updating our budget today. This month I am focusing on keeping track of our spending, so we can see where the money goes each month. It has been enlightening. Like the fact that in 20 days, I had already spent more than the allowable teacher tax break of $250. Um... we eat out too much (and really this month, the kids and I have been better about it, but I started this month's budget on my last payday of 2016 while mom was still here, so there are a couple of meals from that). A big part of our money this month has gone to entertainment, but I included the Biltmore trip, and Boy Scouts in there. So yeah, things to think about and keep in mind as we move forward with it.

The other morning we got an email saying that one of the Scout leaders was offering the Stamp Collecting merit badge today and it was only open to the first ten boys to email to sign up. This is one that isn't offered very often here in Columbia. I asked Declan if he wanted to go and he said yes. Today was a different story... Oh you would have thought I was killing him, or punishing him, or something. I managed to get him there on time, but he didn't want me to leave. He needed money though for purchasing lunch and any stamps he might wish to buy from the show (the merit badge workshop was part of a stamp and postcard show). By the time I got back with money for him, one of the other boys from his troop was there and he was fine. I stuck around until the first break, gave Declan his money and left, getting home just in time for the Facebook Live sermon from Elevation Church.(See I know you were wondering what this had to do with my three Fs!)

Faith... When people say that God moves in mysterious ways, and gives you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it if only you are willing to listen, they know what they are talking about.

When I started journaling again (because I know that I don't have an audience anymore on here, and I don't need one. I am doing this for me) I talked about how Pastor Steven said in his message last week, that you need to have a focus, an aim for your life and if you aim for it with all of your might, and you make that the focus, God will work through you.

That's where my three Fs came from... my focus words for this goals that I am working on with all of my might...

Today Pastor Steven's message was full of phrases and meanings that screamed at me.

 I took 8 pages of "notes" during the online sermon. I put notes in quotation marks, because it is more unconscious free-form thoughts about what he is saying.  Then tonight in small group when we watched the sermon again (from a different service, but the same basic sermon) I took another 4 pages of notes... this time picking apart what I needed to write down, what stood out in that moment.

Some of the things that stood out to me...

A lack of confidence doesn't have to be the death of your calling.

See your victory so you can SEIZE your victory!

Make this your year of Action!

Open the Windows of Opportunity! Don't look at your limitations look at your opportunities!

Every arrow need an Aram. The reason God gave you your calling is for your conflict. Your problem is your purpose! Face your enemy, declare your victory.

Be committed to the victory. Be fully committed and don't stop.

 Put the effort into the work in order to have something worth investing in.

God has put you in this season of life to prepare you for what he has planned for you.

Persistence is proven when you don't see the point but you do it anyway. Trust the teacher, take the class when the class doesn't look like the calling. Trust...

Persist in the Purpose

If you have a calling you don't need a "kickstart" you will do it anyway.

God's preparation sometimes comes packaged as pain. What you have called a failure was a foundation for your victory.

Trust the Process...

The battle is decided in your attitude before it begins...

Sometimes we do just enough to survive. You need to keep going in order to completely succeed.

Quit asking God to take the stress away, ask him to show you how to handle it.

The preparation doesn't always look like the promotion.

You may not see the point, but you must proceed in the process. Nothing you've been through was for nothing.

Prepare to prevail, stay with it.

Go to to see the entire sermon by Pastor Steven, I don't think you will regret it, I know I don't.

An interesting thing happened on my way home from small group tonight. I got in the car and started the Uber app, not really expecting to get any riders, but you never know. I ended up getting one before I turned on the main road leading to our house. The lady I picked up started talking to me about Uber and what I like about it, and what I don't necessarily like (riders can't tip in the app, and to end a ride I have to rate them right then). Turns out she is a recruiter for Lyft, which as of right this moment doesn't operate here in Columbia. However, she is in town specifically to recruit drivers and riders, and sent me the application (plus gave me some swag). I've filled it out, now I am just waiting to hear back.

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