Saturday, January 21, 2017

Avere Fede... Have Faith... Three F's 1/21/17

Avere Fede... Have Faith... I saw this bracelet at the downtown market today, and had to have it. I told the guy that makes them that it is one of my three focus goals for the year. I stepped out in faith that our voices will be heard by the people in power in Washington DC, as well as here in Columbia.

What an amazing day today was. If you haven't seen how I spent the morning, look at my last post. 
I shared the following on the Facebook pages of my Senator and Congressmen, as well as emailed it to them: 
Today women from around the world, and on all seven continents held rallies and marches to support equal rights for all humans, and to PEACEFULLY protest some of the proposed changes under the new administration. We stood united to make our voices heard regarding LGBT rights, Woman's reproductive rights, Equal pay, Affordable Care, Education, and our disgust over the past actions of our newly inaugurated president. These people in these pictures are the people you represent! Please listen to what we have to say and support the people you represent! Say no to Betsy DeVos! Protect the rights of all South Carolinians!

I've seen some posts, disparaging those of us that marched and rallied today. I pray those of you that think that the peaceful rallies were "stupid" and "unneeded" never have your rights jeopardized by our government. No, my rights, right now aren't in jeopardy... but the rights of some of the best people I know are.

Today I saw men and women of all races, religions, and sexual preference standing, walking, talking, hugging, thanking and enjoying one another.

I saw the pro-life sign carrier hug a pro-choice sign carrier, I heard them talking and having an honest discourse about what they meant by their signs. Turns out the pro-choice sign carrier wasn't just meaning pro-abortion, she is pro women's health, which the pro-lifer could get behind. I talked to women who marched in the sixties, who were devastated that all they marched for back then is in ruins.

I talked with both women and men veterans, who are worried about healthcare, and women's equality. The one gentleman told me, that he approved of the Secretary of Defense nominee, but was worried about health care because his son will lose his health insurance if ACA goes away. So he wasn't there necessarily protesting Trump as President, but some of the actions he has already taken.

Personally, for me, I was out there marching not only for the rights of adults, but the rights of our children. The right for all of the children of this country to have an equal education.

And honestly, some of the people that I see "hating" on the people that marched today and stood as one, were some of the biggest complainers, who supported the protests and riots 8 years ago. Hypocrites much?

Finances... Another good Uber day. I would go a few minutes without picking up a rider, and start to head home, only to get a rider on the way home that would lead to four or five more in the drop off area. Met some really neat people, especially the international students. Two from Scottland that I picked up from the British bar, and two Chinese students. They were all very interesting to talk to and learn a little about in a 10-minute car ride.

Fitness... I only got in a 3 mile walk before the rains came in. We had some pretty severe storms this afternoon, with tornado warnings and all.

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