Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andersonville part 2

The Northgate Stockade.

One can only imagine what it would be like locked inside these walls.

When you look up this is all you see.

Not being able to look out and see loved ones.

A place with such bad living conditions even the guards got sick.

Its beautiful today, but as Jerry said, I am surprised those trees grew down there. Thats where the laterines were, and in the cramped living conditions the closest tents of the prisioners were about 5 acres away.

Natalie looking for snakes. The sign behind her says Stay out, with a picture of a diamond back.

DJ just being DJ.

This is a spring which the ledgend says sprouted up with lightening hit the hillside 3 times in the same place. At the time the prisioners and guards alike at Andersonville, were sickened and dying from lack of fresh water. Whether or not the spring arising like it did was from divine intervention, or just because the spring broke through from where it had been buried when the built the stockade no one knows.

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