Friday, February 20, 2009

Jerry is back in the hospital

Just a quick note to let you know that Jerry is back in the hospital.

He had went to Dr. B, the hypertension doctor, yesterday, and happened to mention about his gout in his foot. Well the doctor gave him a shot, and said that it would really kick in about midnight and that it would cause muscle fatigue. Sure enough about 11, he started feeling really weak, couldnt lift his legs without pain, had to have me help him sit up. I asked him if we needed to go up to the ER, but he thought it was from the shot. Then this morning he could barely get out of bed, and just felt horrible. I literally had to push him so he could stand. He went to the clinic to see Dr. P on base thinking that he was having an adverse reaction to the shot, they (Dr. A and E) sent him by EMS to the hospital because his blood pressure was 170/116, and they didn't have the capabilities to deal with a reaction to the shot.

Once at the ER they did blood (after I had been there for a while), where they discovered that his potassium was at a 1.4, which is lethal and causing the muscle weakness. The hypertension doctors partner came and saw him before I came home to check on the kids, they are admitting him to the ICU/ICA, just waiting on a room. The doctor said he will be there at least till tomorrow probably Sunday or Monday.

We were supposed to have a family team meeting today to put things in place, but that is on hold until late next week, I have to call the lady on Tuesday to see when we can reschedule it, she doesn't want to schedule it until we know how Jerry is.

Jerry was also supposed to have a letter into the commander about everything, by Monday. I am not sure how that is going to get done if he is in the hospital. I can write it, but it wont be in Air Force format, so I dont think it would do us any good. I guess I am at the point where if it has come to all of this, the commander/shirt don't care about what led to all of the trouble.
I will let you know more about Jerry when I know it.
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