Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Military Families affected by the housing crisis we need to make more noise!

Did you see this, about the very nicely dressed homeless woman who stood up at the town hall meeting with President Obama? She has had offers of homes to live in and his personal promise to help.

Which is great.

For her, and her family.

But I have to agree with all of the other bloggers out there (trust me just look at the link CNN quotes them better than I ever could!) who ask, how she managed to get to the rally, in the first place to perfectly ask that question.

What I am saying here is that we, the families of our service members need to be more proactive, we need to take a page out of Ms. Hughes book, we need to go to President Obama and tell him how this economic crisis and mortgage crisis is crippling the military family.

I know that we all have written letters. We have written letters to every congressmen, senator, candidate out there and even the President himself. I am just not thinking that we are being heard. We get scripted letters back in the mail (if we are lucky), or ignored all together. We get told that military members are their "priority", but yet housing for military is conveniently left out of the stimulus packages.

I know that we can and will write more letters.

But I think we need to take more action.

We need to organize a group of people to go meet with the President and the Defense Secretary Gates to tell them our stories. We need to march on Washington. We need to pull together and help each other out in this time of crisis. We need them to hear about how hard it is to be a military family as it is, let alone going bankrupt because NO ONE CARES THAT YOU ARE LOSING YOUR HOME, because the military once again said jump and you asked how high, only to realize that your dream, your home now can not be sold.

I am realistic enough to know that if you are in the same situation that we are in right now, with a house in one state sitting empty, paying an outrageous mortgage that you can't get out of, while living to rent a substandard house in another state at another assignment, you can't afford to march on Washington. Because goodness knows I can't afford to go to Atlanta for the day, let alone to Washington to be heard.

But there has to be something more that we can do to make our voices heard, louder than what we are now.

Because President Obama is making promises to help people, but obviously has forgotten all of us, the families of the members of the military who defend our country to the death.

Speak out! Let our voices be heard. Come up with some ideas and let me hear them. Our numbers are high, to high based on how many google hits I have had lately on this topic, so we should be able to do this!
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