Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jerry update #5

I was there (with the kids lol) today when the doctor stopped by.

He said that there is a couple of things that it could be, mostly dealing with his kidneys. His suggestion for now is to get Jerry up to normal and then check his potassium 2 times a week for a while. Then do the tests to see if it is the tubuals in his kidneys not functioning due to his years of drinking, or if it is a genetic condition. According to him the tests are some what invasive and he wants to wait a bit no matter what.

So we are in a holding pattern.

They have/had stopped the IV, but left the catheter/ports in his arm in case they need to start it again. When the kids and I left Jerry wanted to take a shower, and actually stood up for the first time since he laid down at the base clinic yesterday. They had just taken blood again at 2, and the nurse was waiting anxiously for the results, but from the sounds of it and from what the doctor said they weren't high enough to send him home.

We do now know that it will be at least tomorrow before they release him to come home. He is ready now, but they aren't ready to do it.
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