Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Idea I saw today about the "stimulus" package.

An idea I saw today about the "stimulus" package.

I saw on Facebook today someone suggest a way that the government could save millions of dollars, and help the rest of us.

The big wig government officials that make big bucks, congress, sentate, cabinet members, etc. can give up a weeks worth of pay.

I mean really they have cut the education budgets to the point where school districts are talking about taking away professional development days (you know those days when teachers get a chance to work together and learn new ways to reach the children that we teach.) And by doing so we loose however many days pay, so why couldn't they do the same?

I mean really if you take the $170,000 a year that they make, and divide it by 52 weeks a year (and we all know they really only work about 5 weeks, kidding, kidding, maybe more like 10 ;) )

They make about $3269 a week.

Then if you take that $3269 times 535 (the number of members of both the house and the senate) that would save the American taxpayers (you and I) about $1,749,038 a year.

Thats almost $2 million that could be saved of taxpayers money. And thats only if congressional members took the cut. Could you imagine if all top government officials did it?

That is money that they could spend to help Military families who have been hit by this mortgage crisis. Beyond their supposed help that they have already approved.

Speaking of that "help", it isn't helping everyone. Heck it isn't going to help the majority of military families. You have to have bought your house before July 1st 2006, we closed on July 7th, 2006. Plus you have to be at a base that has closed. Those of us who were forced to cross train, are out of luck.
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