Monday, February 23, 2009

Jerry Update #9

He is home....

His potassium levels this morning was a 3.1 so they gave him another IV, then they said he could come home.

Of course all his Lt. cared about today was that he was missing an appointment. Um dumb ass I think he had a good excuse considering no thanks to your dumb ass, he could have died. Because if the LT. would have had his way, Jerry wouldn't have been at the clinic Friday morning, where they rushed him to the ER. The LT would have rather had him at work passed out on the floor until someone found him after they all went to do PT.

Can you tell I am not impressed?

Now the shirt wants to come by the house tomorrow for a "visit". Yay! Not. Not that I am worried, cause the house is clean, not spotless, but clean.

If he wants to "hear" what I think about the squadron/group at this point I am going to tell him to come read my blog.

The other news is that the Tricare casemanager is not impressed (finally) with the level of care that Jerry has had off base, and the lack of actual testing to try and figure out the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. So she is working on getting him sent to Wilford Hall at Lackland. Which means more time out of the shop, which will just piss the Lt and his supervisor off more. But what ever. Of course he will go to that by himself, because we will be doing good for them to pay for him to go over to Texas, there is no way they will pay for me to go.
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