Friday, February 27, 2009

News about Jerry

Jerry had an appointment with his primary care doc on base today.

As I said the other day they are attempting to send him to Wilford Hall in Texas where all of the specialists are in one hospital and they can all poke and prod him to their little hearts contents all at once. (evil grin).

When we were first told about this proposition we figured he would go by himself. Because typical Air Force protocol would call for it. Like when he went to Germany for medical tests, when we were in the UK, he went alone. I could have gone, but we would have had to pay out of pocket for both of our airline tickets (his because he wouldn't have gone on the Medvac.)

But his doc here has filed the paperwork for me to travel with him. She put on there that he was just released from the hospital and should not travel on his own. Which is true, we just didn't think it would matter. The bonus here is that I don't have to hear answers to all of the medical questions over the phone, or Jerry's interpretation of the answers, I can get them myself.

So now I have a letter that I get to take to the boss on Monday and talk to her about. Probably at least a week, if not two or three out of work, before CRCT, with budget cuts coming, I am scared. I have at least a week of sick leave left, maybe a couple more (is it bad that I don't know exactly how many days I have been out, I just know its less than 5?)

I know that the interim superintendent told me on Monday when I let her know that Jerry was in the hospital that family comes first, but I can only pray that she still says that when she finds out I may be out for a week to two weeks before CRCT. Add to that the fact that we don't know when we will go. It could be as soon as next week (I hope not, really, because we asked if my dad can come over and keep the kids.)

I am nervous, both about the trip, and about asking for the time off from work.

If you can send us positive thoughts and prayers, including thoughts and prayers that my school/district will be understanding and supportive with this (especially since we are getting ready to rent a house out close to the school) and that this time away wont cost me my job, I sure would appreciate it.
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