Friday, May 27, 2011

DJ on Reading Kingdom Day 2 Review

Just a quick picture of DJ enjoying his Reading Kingdom program on day two. Photobucket

I have to say that as a mom I am enjoying his sessions, because they are short enough to keep his attention focused. I actually have had him do three sessions today. Two this morning, back to back, and then one just now. AND he didn't argue with me about doing them! As some of you know this is a very big deal, because we did the supplemental education tutoring offered through our school last fall (the school did not meet AYP, so it was free tutoring), and there were days when it was a battle to get him to do the program, because it was SO long (30-45 minutes).

I can already see where DJ is picking up on where the letters are at on the keyboard and learning the words that the program is asking him to type in. Some of the words are sight words so I know that he knows them, but others are words that he does not know by sight. The computer asks him to type them, and then once they are typed in the computer says the word. Just now when he was working he said the word before the computer did, and then said it was a word he worked with earlier.

So far so good!
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